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Today is 23,Sep,2019
  • Contact Person: Mrs. Natalie Chen
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Kun Teng Industry Co., Ltd. ( 2019 HUB COMPONENTS )
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Kun Teng Industry Co., Ltd. ( 2019 HUB COMPONENTS )

  We extend to all our clients, old and new, our warmest thanks and best wishes on the occasion of our 66th anniversary. The new catalog clearly demonstrates how far the industry has changed over the years and how Kun Teng have been in the vanguard of research and development.
Established in 1947, Kun Teng today is Taiwan's largest hub and coaster-brake manufacturer, with an "A-Class" Quality Control rating from the government and an increasing reputation worldwide for reliability. Our factory at Taya, near Taichung, operates up-to-date Sakamura BPF-580KT cold-forging machines, automatic lathes and conveyers, high-speed, precision, multipurpose punching machines, CNC lathes and threading machines, and electroplating equipment.
Our R&D work continues to concentrate on the improved function of our cassette hubs. Our coaster-brakes meet American Consumer Foundation standard requirement (CPSC,USA), test-approved by (DIN) in November 1996,and we soon expect to be granted the ISO certificate. We hope, through sustained efforts, to promote our product range in both the OEM and dealer markets, while expanding our range of services.